How to add the NIF / NIE / CIF in WooCommerce

One of the mandatory requirements for an invoice in Spain to be legal is that the tax identification number of the person or company to whom the invoice is issued, be it the NIF, NIE, CIF and also that of the issuing company of the invoice.

If we are going to work with WooCoommerce for our online store, we will need to have this field so that our clients can add their tax identification number, so the need for a tool is essential to be able to provide this field.

We can do it in two ways, one, called “a capon”, that is, adding the code manually, which is not available to everyone if we do not have programming knowledge or work with code and the other with a plugin created to said need.

And what better than to pull the national product, Emilio calvo (CEO of Art Projet Group) is a great friend of the house, an active collaborator and who has participated in events, talks and programs organized by Host-Fusion, has been offering its solutions for free in the form of plugins for WooCommerce for years since it is one of its specialties.

WC - APG Campo NIF / CIF / NO

WC – APG Field NIF / CIF / NIE is the plugin developed and distributed free of charge by Art Project Group that allows you to add the NIF / CIF / NIE field to your WooCommerce store to all the invoicing and shipping forms available to the WooCommerce administrator and client.

Among its functionalities we highlight:

  • We can make the field mandatory on the shipping and billing forms.
  • Validation of the NIF / CIF / NIE field to avoid errors or fraud.
  • Validation of the intracommunity VAT number for the tax exception.
  • Customization of the label and the placeholder of the NIF / CIF / NIE or VIES VAT (Intra-community VAT number) field.
  • Extra functionalities such as adding the telephone and email fields to the submission form as required.
  • Compatibility with the vast majority of plugins, there are really no known incompatibilities.
Campo NIE/NIF/CIF WooComerce

Also, as Emilio is a polyglot, the plugin is available in both Spanish and English.

WC – APG NIF / CIF / NIE field is available for free download in the official WordPress repository or directly in your WordPress plugin search engine, download, activate and configure quickly.