How important is the physical location of your server for SEO

A Google Doubleclick study in September 2016 confirms that slow loading sites are frustrating for users and negatively impacting businesses like never before.

“53% of visits to mobile sites are abandoned if pages take more than 3 seconds to load.”

Time is literally money when it comes to the speed of your ecommerce website. One potential way to make your website faster involves the physical location of your server close to your target market.

Typically, the closer the website visitor is to the web server, the fewer networks the data will pass through. Let’s say that your website is aimed at clients in Spain and you have your server in France, Holland, Panama, etc. and an IP address (despite being geolocated in Spain). Data has to travel across many networks, so the latency and download speed will be slower than if you were in the same area as the market you are targeting.

When we think of server location in terms of speed and proximity, it’s not always about distance, but hops as well. In this case, it refers to the number of routers and exchanges that occur between the user and the hosting provider.

Often times, the further the distance is, the slower and added latency for your clients and users.

In that Doubleclick research article, they report that The Telegraph website resulted in page views falling 11% for a 4s delay and 44% for a 20′s delay.

To obtain the fastest result for your visitors and a better experience, the essential thing is to find a hosting that hosts in your country, that does not overload its servers. The more sites on a server, the more resources those sites consume, which equates to a slower page load for your website. Also make sure you’re reducing page load time. The advisable thing is the optimization of images, reduction of requests HTTP, PHP and consultations to databases, and elimination of useless plugins.

That is to say, the closer your server is, the faster your web pages will be served, if your website is aimed at the Spanish market, the ideal is for your website to be hosted in a DataCenter in Spain.

There are many providers that offer Spanish IP, which is important for positioning, but they are geolocalized IPs and their DataCenter is not really located in Spain, so this as a result of latency and jumps can affect the speed of your website and therefore, to the positioning of the same and also not to comply with the Organic Law of Spanish Data Protection.

That being said, in Host-Fusion.Com We are very clear that in addition to providing Spanish ip, we also host our clients in our DataCenter in Spain, to obtain the best results, regarding the speed of web pages, the indexing time of Google, the faster your server, the faster and more pages Google indexes, the better it values ​​you and the better it positions you.

There are hundreds of clients who confirm that their websites run much faster and that their search engine results have improved significantly since we moved our entire infrastructure to our DataCenter in Spain.

Host-Fusion your provider of #hosting #WordPress in Spain from Pedro Santos on Vimeo.

An example of great performance can be seen in our article Speed ​​test, Churba and Portillo exam #WPO in which after several tests, the results are really impressive.

To obtain these results we have implemented our technology Speedfusion, described in our article SpeedFusion, solo and #HostFusion

Our recommendation, if you want to obtain the best results in speed, user experience and positioning, is that your Hosting provider has a DataCenter in Spain, as well as a correct optimization of your website to obtain the best results, for this you can download our WPO guide in the article How to optimize your WordPress to the maximum #WPO The Guide

We have recently implemented the QUIC protocol so that your website is even faster under the secure SSL https: // protocol, you can have more information about QUIC in our article Speed ​​up your WordPress even more with QUIC

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