Host-Fusion.Com Official Sponsor WordCamp Madrid 2018

WordCamp Madrid 2018 is held on April 21 and 22, this is a very special WordCamp, for us also because we have the privilege of being one of the Official Sponsors and get involved and help the WordPress community, but there are more things that make this event very special.

One of the things that I liked the most is that when deciding the papers, they have been selected by the users and without knowing who was proposing the paper, that is, the papers that are going to be presented are the ones chosen by the people And that seems phenomenal to me, it avoids the rehash of the same papers and speakers that are repeated event after event on tour, so in this section an outstanding one.

Another point to note is that this time the first day is celebrated in La @nave and can hold up to 600 people, so this year there are more tickets for sale, so it is expected that they will not be sold out at the first of Change like last year and that people do not stay without being able to attend, but if you are thinking about it, do not take too long to buy your ticket, they will not be eternal either and they will surely all be sold.

This year there are also more presentations, as it is a larger and more capable space, there are up to three simultaneous tracks, so we will see a lot of traffic throughout the venue, people up and down, it will be very busy.

The second day April 22, the Contributor’s Day is celebrated in the Madrid Campus, and is open to the collaboration and contribution of all to the WordPress community, where work tables are held and in which everyone can participate, promises as always be very interesting, I personally in events that I have organized, I have participated in these types of tables and they are usually very interesting and fun, and what you learn from each other.

The variety of speakers and presentations promises, so we hope there will be a lot of level this year.

I leave you the links where you can find out directly from the WordCamp Madrid 2018 website and of course buy the ticket, it is worth it and if you want to meet me, do not stop giving me a toke, I will be easy to recognize, I will wear a Host shirt- Fusion 🙂