Gutenberg, past, present and future #Video

The new block editor for WordPress, Gutenberg, has been the presentation, debate, with which we have reopened the Majadahonda WordPress community in this new season of Meetups.

Past, present and future of both the classic editor and the hated, beloved block editor.

We broadcast it as always in streaming, thanks to @hoystreaming and again we enjoyed the incredible facilities of CowUP Majadahonda (Coworking Space) and with the sponsorship of Host-Fusion.Com.

A Pedro Santos server, has had the pleasure of starting the first Meetup of the season, giving this talk, partly practical, working online and live with several web pages, to see the different situations and what are the best options for each case .

There have been several participations both from the community present at the event, and from the one that follows us by streaming, because we must recognize and almost boast that we are the only WordPress Meetup in Spain, which broadcasts live, each and every one of the Meetups that we have organized with the Majadahonda community.

The reason, simple, first because we can thanks to Antonio Postigo who puts all his knowledge and time to do the streaming, second because thanks to Julian Rueda at the CowUP Majadahonda facilities, we have the technical resources to do it and run this event, a bit beyond the local event.

Taking into account that they follow us and see us live, even from Italy, from where they participated by asking questions. And at the same time leaving the video, for posterity and that this event is not lost and can be seen by anyone, at any time.

That said, I leave you with the video. I hope you enjoy it and clarify any questions you have about Gutenberg.

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