Get your WordPress ready for the summer

Summer is here, holidays, the beach, the mountains, it is the time of rest, but we have to go with our homework so that we do not get the bad holiday post with a surprise in our WordPress when we return.

That is why it is very important that one of your tasks before going to your dream destination is a set-up of your WordPress and that is what this article is about.

As you surely know, the new Gutenberg editor is already part of the WordPress core and we are already on version 5.2.x of WordPress, but it is very possible that you have not made the leap yet, there are plugin and theme updates for this new distro of WordPress and the best thing is to leave with your homework done.

Check the status of your WordPress.

Very important, check the state of my WordPress, the core, the plugins, the themes, if everything is in great order, if not, collect all the information of your components, both plugins and themes to see their compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

This should not worry you much because the most important plugins are updated by their developers and also the themes, but check on their websites or supports that everything is correct.

How to staging WordPress at

Once you have everything and before updating anything, you can choose to staging and test a clone if everything works fine after updating. How to Staging WordPress? In this post I tell you How to staging WordPress, step by step #Video

First of all, making a backup, managing your backups is essential, I’ll tell you how I do it Manage your Backups with Jetbackup

Manage your backups with Jetbackup, @hostfusion

Ok because we are almost there and very fast, WordPress updated, plugins and themes updated, but also we do not want to stop publishing during our holidays, a good time to prepare and schedule some articles, since WordPress can schedule the publication of your post for many years versions and is a great tool to keep our WordPress alive while we have a piƱa colada at the Beach, that is hard work :).

Right, top right in the publish box we can schedule our post, day and time, a few hours of work creating the content, we schedule it and that’s it.

proactive defense para WordPress @hostfusion

But we do not have to forget about security, we have everything updated, our contents programmed and now is the time to protect ourselves if we do not plan to work on our website in those days.

We can install security plugins such as Wordfence or Ninjafirewall, which will protect us from raw force attacks and their firewalls are updated as vulnerabilities appear, especially the second Ninjafirewall that the updates they carry out include the freemium service, in the case of Wordfence if it is premium or freemium in exceptional cases.

For our users we have, apart from the measures available to our clients, measurements from the server, that’s how we do it Protect your WordPress in real time

The ideal is even if we are on vacation and disconnected, because some day or another enter our WordPress and see if you need to do any plugin updates, if they are minor WordPress updates will be carried out alone.

Even if you are our client, through our Softaculous tool, you can program your WordPress to automatically update the plugins and theme, as long as they are from the official WordPress repository.

By following these simple guidelines, we can safely get our WordPress up and running, schedule our content and leave with peace of mind.

We will be watching over your server for the summer and we will be at your disposal to help you with whatever you need and we can.

See you in the next post and I will not leave without leaving a discount of ours, yes, of those that are #forever

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