Free image bank for WordPress, Unsplash

Unsplash, they boast of being the largest bank or library on the Internet of free use images for our posts and pages and fully integrated with WordPress, either with the classic editor (of which I hardly remember for not using it and I recommend you give the step) or Gutenberg.

To find out if this is true, what better way to do our test of this plugin by installing it on one of my laboratory websites.

The first thing that caught my attention is that when I put the keyword Unsplash in the plugin search engine, it is not the first option, not even the second, it is option 19 !!

Unsplash, Search and use the largest library of free images on the Internet, directly ...

Once installed, we have to take another step and it is necessary to obtain the API access key.

get api key from unsplash

We will go to the next screen where we will have to click on Complete Configuration that will take us to Unsplash to sign up.

The final result must be that of the image below, the client application must have been created and thus be connected to the Unsplash API

It’s time to test Unsplash in a post, let’s see how it integrates with Gutenberg. As we can see, it is added as any block

And by selecting it we can start searching for our image.

Simply click on the search button, a new window opens with a search engine and a random gallery of images to choose from if we feel like it.

Or search for the keyword that we want, for example marketing and related images appear.

The amount of images is almost infinite, we can scroll continuously to load hundreds of images until we find the one we like and select it, the image and the text, legend, description that you can use are automatically loaded.

Truly with this plugin we have an immense library of free-to-use images to accompany our posts, even if we uninstall the plugin, the images remain and load at high speed thanks to Unsplash’s own CDN.

Barely 400 installations, but we assume that shortly when this plugin becomes well known, their installations will upload since the number of images, the great integration and the ease of use, free, are their best credentials.

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