Entrepreneurial Mothers, WordPress and Delia Carballo

There is a very important group, that of Entrepreneurial Mothers and not forgotten, because people like Delia Carballo care a lot about helping, training and contributing to this group.

Today, in WordPress News in Spanish, we will talk about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial moms.

The guest.

Guipuzcoan by birth, Malaga by adoption, mother of three children and in love with ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

His specialty is project consulting: he analyzes personal or professional projects and offers recommendations to get the most out of them.

He currently works as the communication manager at Grupo Monsálvez, where he is mainly engaged in social media marketing.

Presides over the National Association of Networked Entrepreneur MothersEntrepreneurs, where they want to give visibility and support to entrepreneurial women who want to reconcile their professional project with their family life.

She is the creator, and co-director together with María Cañizares, of the virtual community Madres Enredadas, a mother-to-mother support network where they share information and resources on a wide variety of topics.

Entrepreneurial mothers.

She describes her projects for us:

I use WordPress as a work tool for myself, for my clients and also for female entrepreneurs.

For me WordPress is an empowerment tool for entrepreneurs and associations.

It requires little initial investment of money and knowledge, and has great growth potential for those who want to dig deeper.

María Cañizares and I have launched a new project: C&C Mastermind

We offer information and tools to help promote personal and professional projects

And of course WordPress is one of the star tools.


Today, June 13, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, live and direct, we will have Delia Carballo with us to talk about her entrepreneurial moms and how she uses WordPress in her projects, in her training and in her own Projects.

You can continue and most importantly, participate in the program with your questions live, in this same post.

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