All with Carla #WPlovesCarla @LaPeceraDeFiu

The WordPress community is bigger and bigger is made when you join for a purpose that goes beyond WordPress, and in this case we all come together to help Carla Sainz in some way.

Carla is a computer engineer, designer, developer and actively participates with the WordPress community, giving presentations and being part of the organization of the last WordCamp Madrid.

Unfortunately, cancer has forced him to make a small stop in his activity, to dedicate all his efforts in this battle and for this reason the web was born where whoever wants to can help Carla in her personal battle , which I am sure will have a great victory.

Carla sainz

To help Carla and that she can dedicate herself to what really matters now, a system of donations has been created from 1 euro, up to 9,000 euros and to be able to pay Carla in the time that she will win her battle more important.

You can help in several ways, by making a donation or by sharing this information.

From here Carla, we wish you the best, all our strength and positivity and we wish you a great victory.

A big kiss and an even bigger hug. We do not know each other, but you are not alone, you are in our hearts and your victory is our victory.

You can help Carla at and follow her on her twitter account