Adapt your company to the GDPR from start to finish

Adapt your company to RGPD From start to finish, it is not just about adapting your website to legal texts, form boxes, sending newsletters, requesting express consent, publishing your privacy policy, providing information about cookies, etc.

That is very good, it is correct, mandatory and legal, but the adaptation of a company, be it SMEs, freelancers, large companies, community of owners goes much further than the external facade of your website.

Internally you must adapt your company to the new legislation, for example, answer the following questions.

Do you keep a Record of Treatment Activities?

Do you perform Risk Analysis?

Do you know of the Duty of information, generation of informative clauses?

Do you keep a record of the Management of Data Protection Delegates?

Do you keep a record of the Management of Treatment Managers?

How do you manage users with access to personal data?

And the management of the exercise of rights by users?

How do you manage security breaches?

Are you maintaining your adaptation to the RGPD?

How do you manage the generation and printing of all documents, contracts, notices, memorandums?

Where do you collect and manage all these tasks?

The adaptation and management of the RGPD of a company cannot be left alone on the facade of a website, all this must be supported by documentation, control, management and maintenance.

So that you can fully comply with the GDPR, Host-Fusion puts at your disposal a online platform.

Begins the adaptation of your company to the RGPD comfortably and step by step with our online platform, a guided adaptation system with which you do not need previous knowledge of the law, the platform guides you step by step throughout the process, providing you with all the necessary tools in one click. Our platform will help you in the process of adapting and maintaining the RGPD in your company.

adapt your company to the rgpd

Generates all the documentation, models and necessary contracts, contracts for external companies in charge of data processing, manuals for a better understanding of the RGPD.

RGPD documentation

Maintenance mode.

With the Maintenance mode you can carry out all the procedures for the maintenance of the adaptation of your company to the RGPD. Always online, 24 hours a day.

Do not stay alone in the facade, adapt your company to the RGPD from beginning to end with our online platform.

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