5 Reasons to Start Working with Gutenberg as Lead Editor

Since version 5.0 WordPress Gutenberg is included as the main WordPress editor. Despite this, there are still many who continue to use the classic editor as a plugin or there are even plugins to deactivate Gutenberg.

In this blog we have several articles, tutorials and video talks on Meetups talking about Gutenberg, we have practically been talking about Gutenberg since 2017 as Gutenberg, past, present and future #Video in which we always try to find the positive point to the not so new editor WordPress.

Gutenberg for WordPress in depth

? Gutenberg for WordPress: the evolution, news and debate Will we hate it or can not live without it ??? We return with the direct ones about WordPress. Four-handed session: – Pedro Santos telling us all the details of Gutenberg for WordPress.- Antonio Postigo moderating your comments and in the technical control of streaming.- Friends who attend the WordPress Meetup Majadahonda.- And your hands! Willing to type comments, questions, contributions and as always good vibes from that side of the glass. New season, with more enthusiasm than ever and with all the WordPress news, and that news went through Gutenberg, the new editor, builder or “monster “As some have baptized it. We have already held a meetup about Gutenberg with a live staging, we saw the interface, we put it to the test and we even loaded it live. In this new event, we are going to see what its been evolution, how it is affecting us now, what we have to do, what will happen … we are going to have a debate, because surely many of you have tried Gutenberg and others have not and surely they also want to know the experience they have had, those who They have already tested it or even implemented it in their WordPress .????? We are waiting for you at 8:00 p.m. in Spain.

Posted by Hoy Streaming on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Personally I have been using Gutenberg almost from the beginning and I think that anchoring in the classic editor is a mistake, Gutenberg has evolved so much and makes work and organization so easy that to continue working with the classic editor is to lose everything that a new world can offer you

5 Reasons to Start Working with Gutenberg as Lead Editor

  1. It allows you to work in a more organized way since you work in blocks that you can organize at any time.
  2. You can work with external editors like Typora to generate content with MarkDown, copy in html and paste directly in the first block of our post and all the content in the post is automatically distributed, headers, paragraphs, quotes, etc.
  3. There are many plugins in the repository that generate blocks that allow you to do a multitude of things that were almost unthinkable before if you did not have technical knowledge, a simple search in the repository can find plugins such as Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate addons for Gutenberg with more than 200 thousand facilities.
  4. Not just plugins, tutorials and course websites to learn how to use Gutenberg, a simple search in Google or another search engine and we find many options.
  5. You cannot stay in the classic editor, the moment you start working with the block editor and see all the functionalities that it offers us, you will realize how obsolete the classic editor is.

A journey of no return

Maybe a bit exaggerated but I can almost assure you that once you start working with Gutenberg you will not want to use the classic editor again, personally since I use Typora as an external editor, I copy and paste the contents directly in the first block of Gutenberg, the rest is easy, totally recommended.

So if you haven’t made up your mind yet, I think the time has come when at least you do the first test, move a little bit, see the possibilities and almost guaranteed no turning back. And you? Do you already use Gutenberg? Leave us your experience in the comments.

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