5 Plugins to Fight Spam in WordPress

Spam is the great plague of the internet, it moves millions, that is the reason why there is so much, the most common are via email and in the comments of the web pages, especially WordPress if we do not have it protected.

Before commenting on the plugins that we can use to combat spam in WordPress, a couple of tips that will help us protect ourselves from being inundated with spam comments on our pages.

  • Make users register to comment, this can be done in Settings / Comments by activating the box Users must register and log in to comment.
  • Automatically closes the comments on the post every X days, you can decide after how many days the comments should be closed, by default WordPress has it deactivated and configured to close after 14 days, activate and configure in Settings / Comments by activating the box Automatically close comments on posts older than X days.
  • If you do not want to receive comments, it is best to deactivate them in Settings / Comments by deactivating the box Allow people to post comments on new posts You can always activate them individually in each post if you want.
  • If your post has flooded with thousands of comments, I recommend you read our post How to delete all spam comments from WordPress

5 Plugins to Fight Spam in WordPress

In the WordPress repository we can find a good collection of anti spam plugins, we have made a selection of those that we think may be the most effective to combat it under our criteria.

Akismet ant-spam

Akismet Anti-Spam

The most popular and the most installed, since it goes standard with WordPress in any installation.

It is practically in charge of checking your comments and form submissions with its global database to prevent malicious content from being published on your website.

Check the spam of your comments that it shows you in the comment management screen of your WordPress.

It works quite well, but you need to register your api key to make it work fully, free for personal blogs and paid for business or commercial sites.

Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee

For me of the best, I have been recommending it for years, it is the strictest I know and it works wonderfully, it brushes almost all spam 100% without you having to intervene.

Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and trackbacks effectively, without captchas and without sending personal information to third-party services.

Completely free and perfectly complies with the RGPD.

Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

This is an anti spam plugin but more complete since it covers other security areas of our WordPress, it is practically a security plugin that among one of its functions has anti spam, so if you are looking for a plugin that covers you against it spam and also have an anti malware scan, block raw force attacks at login, protect the Rest Api, monitor traffic and various other protections, this can be your ideal all-in-one plugin.



WPBruiser (formerly GoodBye Captcha) is an algorithm-based security and anti-spam plugin that identifies spam bots without any annoying and difficult-to-read captcha images.

WPBruiser completely removes logs from spam bots, spam comments, even brute force attacks, the moment you install it on your WordPress website.

It’s completely invisible to the end user – there’s no need to refill a Captcha or other “human detection” field ever again – and it just works!

Promising isn’t it?

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer is a plugin for those who do not want to bother with spam administration or management, you simply install it and forget about it, its automated engine takes care of everything without you having to intervene.

Stops automated spam while staying as discreet as possible to regular commenters.


We bring you 5 plugins, but there are many more, I especially like AntiSpam Bee, it is a real beast against spam, it has been in the repository for many years and is always updated by its developers, a guarantee.

But don’t miss out on the rest of the plugins, both WPBruiser and the neglected Spam Destroyer to combat annoying spam.

And to the very bad, close comments.